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ANIYUG 2011 is scheduled to be held on the 25th and 26th February 2011 at Ernakulam.In this context, we would like to inform you that the proposed Cartoon Animation Fest and seminar are being jointly organized by Toon Arts India, Kerala Cartoon Academy, Kerala Press Academy, Rachana Visual Media, and Directorate Of Film Festivals, I&B Ministry, Government Of India, mainly with the objective of creating a thorough awareness on the rapidly increasing career opportunities in the animation arena.Renowned experts from the animation industry and the audio-visual media are invited to participate in the seminar wherein they will liberally share their observations, experiences and also provide guidelines for the budding aspirants in regard to shaping their future career to achieve their ambitious dreams in the realm of animation.

The 2-days interactive seminar will thus, no doubt, provide a very useful forum for the students and professionals to identify the opportunities that are available aplenty and tap them to their ultimate benefit.


Aniyug 2011 award entry’s invited from Cartoonists and Animators. Cartoon Animation film with minimum 10 minute duration will eligible for Aniyug award.Entries should reach Kerala Cartoon Academy, 2nd Floor,Amarakerala Buildings, Kalabhavan Road, Kochi-682018 before February 18th .The results will announce by February 22 and award distribution will be at Ernakulam on February 27th.

ANIYUG ’2011 - Programme Schedule
25th February 2011
Venue-1-Seminar Hall-Kerala Press Academy

11 AM: Inauguration
11.30 AM-01.30PM: Introduction to Animation World. Cartoonist Jose Joseph.
Film by Cartoonist (late)Abu Abraham (no arks), and Other short animation films followed by discussion.
01.30 PM to 2PM: Lunch Break.
02.00 PM to 4.00 PM: Animation film – followed talk by Siber
04.00PM-05.30 PM: Animation Film Scripting-Demo and talk

Venue-2-EMS library Theater

05.00 PM to 6.30 PM: Short animation films from India.
06.30 PM-07.30PM: Illustrated animation films

26th February
Venue-1-Seminar Hall- Kerala Press Academy
11.00-12 Noon : Face to Face Discussion with Animators and Cartoonist-Open Forum.
12 Noon - 01.00 PM : Animation Demonstration and Talk
01.00 PM to 02.00PM :Lunch Break.
02.00 PM - 02.30 PM :Cartoonist to Animator
02.30 PM - 03.00 PM :Character designing in Flash animation
03.00 PM to 4.00 PM : Animation Pipe line : Pre and Post production Demonstration.
04.00 PM-05.00PM :Panel discussion about Career opportunities in Media

Venue-2-EMS library Theater

5.00-6.00 PM: Shadow Animation Films from followed by discussion.
Closing ceremony-Vote of thanks.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Aniyug-2010 Day 2 (01/03/2010)

Kerala Press Academy

Registration Counter: Registration is always a busy time.....

Welcome- Cartoonist Naushad P U -Aniyug Incharge

Sudheernath (Secretary, KCA),Balu (V.Chairman,KCA.),Film Personlity Reveendran,Roy and Ramachandran (Press Academy)

Introduction to the Animation World –Cartoonist Sudheernath

Cartoonist Balu (V.Chairman,KCA.)

Roy-Press Academy

Ramachandran-Press Academy
: Introduction to the Animation Films –
Film Personlity Reveendran

Animation Demonstration and Talk by A K Saiber

Cartoonist to Animator –cartoonist Anuraj

Character designing in Flash animation Cartoonist Badusha.
Animation Pipe line : Pre and Post production Demonstration and Talk by Dileesh K Nair.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

ANIYUG 2010- Day 1 (28/02/2010)

Welcome- Cartoonist Balu (V Chairman,KCA)Mr Banu (EKM Co Op Bank),Adv M M Monnaye MLA, Salim Kumar, Dr Charles Dias (Member of Parlament), Robin Thirumala, Presannan Anikkad (KCA Chairman)

KCA Chairman Prasannan Anikkad

Salim Kumar and Dr Charles Dias (Member of Parlament)

Adv M M Monnaye MLA and Salim Kumar

Dr Charles Dias (Member of Parlament)

Salim Kumar Lightning the lamp

Sudheernath,M M Monayee,Salim Kumar,Bhanu,Dr Charles Dias (Member of Parlament), Robin Thirumala


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

ANIYUG ’10 Programme Schedule

28th February
EMS library Theater
06.00 PM: Inauguration By SALIM KUMAR
06.30 PM-07.30 PM: Animation Presentation –
Sasi Paravoor (Aniyug Director)
Starting with Cartoon Animation Film by Cartoonist (late)Abu Abraham (no arks).

1st March
Kerala Press Academy Seminar Hall
10.00 AM-10.30AM : Introduction to the Animation World –
Cartoonist Sudheernath
10.30 AM-12 Noon : Introduction to the Animation Films –
Film Personlity Reveendran
12 Noon - 01.00 PM : Animation Demonstration and Talk by A K Saiber
01.00 PM to 02.00PM :Lunch Break.
02.00 PM - 02.30 PM :Cartoonist to Animator –cartoonist Anuraj.
02.30 PM - 03.00 PM :Character designing in Flash animation
Cartoonist Badusha
03.00 PM to 4.00 PM : Animation Pipe line : Pre and Post production Demonstration and Talk by Dileesh K Nair.
04.00 PM-05.00PM :Panel discussion about Career opportunities in Media
Moderator-Sasi Paravoor (Aniyug Director)
Venue-2-EMS library Theater
05.00PM to 08.30 PM: Short Cartoon animation films from India
Illustrated animation films from Japan, Thailand & China

Report Aniyug – 2009

The Two day Cartoon Animation Festival was conducted by Kerala Cartoon Academy in Association with I & B Ministry, Government of India on 5th & 6th February 2009 at E.M.S.Library, Kakkanad, Ernakulam. It was a film festival coupled with seminars on the trend and future of the animation industry with the support from E.M.S.Library, Toon Arts India, Malayala Manorama Multimedia, AAT-Chennai, Toons Animation and In creation.

The festival was inaugurated by Sri.Mammootty, the megastar of South India in a crowded function, consisting of more than the hundred students from different parts of the state. Another feature of the inaugural function was the presence of almost all the well known cartoonists from various parts of India. Sri.Mammootty expressed his happiness in conducting such a festival of Animation films and he debated the importance of animation films in the field of education and entertainment. He has expressed his gratitude to I & B Ministry, Government of India in organising such a festival in Kochi and expressed his desire to have a permanent platform for animation festival in Kochi and requested the I & B Ministry to make Kochi as a permanent venue.

Adv.M.M.Monaye, Chairman, Cartoon Academy presided over the function and Mr.Sudheer Nath, Secretary Kerala Cartoon Academy, introduced the various cartoonists who had attended the function. Mr.E.N.Sajith from I & B Ministry has also made a felicitation speech.

The morning session commenced with the film by Cartoonist late Abu Abraham (no arks), Shri.Unni (Hitler), Shri.Nathan (Political Cartoons), Shri Toms (Boban & Molly), Shri.Sudheer Nath (1857). The films were exhibited in E.M.S.Library theatre and the Seminars & discussion were conducted simultaneously at the seminar Hall. It was inspiring to see that both the theatre and seminar hall were over crowded by the participants who were not only silent spectators but vibrant participators in the discussion as well as interaction with the cartoonists and animators.

The morning session of discussion was initiated by Shri.Ramakrishnan S. of In creation. He had made a one hour discussion about the production of 2 D Animation film with demonstration of the animated film ‘Manikantan’. He has made a comprehensive lecture about the animation production spanning from the pre-production, production and post production techniques. Unlike normal film making, the sound recording techniques in Animation film was meticulously explained by him.

In the afternoon session short animation film from India and Illustrated animation films from Japan, Thailand and China were shown at the Library theatre. The geographical differences as well as the technical variation in each country in the making could be realized by the audience after viewing the variety of films from various countries.

Another feature of the day was the discussion of Shri.Binuraj & Vinod A.S. of Toons Animation regarding the Current Trends & Opportunities in the Animation world. They had focused their speech and demonstration on 2 D and 3D production with the help of a variety of films produced by them. They had also exhibited films produced by their students with the technical support of Toon Animation.

Presentation of Animated Multimedia CD roms by the Malayala Manorama Multimedia Team led by Shri. Biju Mathai, with the demonstration of ‘Ente Malayalam’, a recital of rhymes intended for children was well received by the audience.

The 2nd day of the festival was significant with the exhibition of about 20 films from different countries. The following films were shown in the library theatre. The Princess of Diamonds, The Fig Boy, The Witch, The Old Lady’s Coat, The Cruel Queen, Prince & Princess, Girls Night Out, Body Beautiful, Famous Fred, Britannia, Car Boot Sale, Divertimenti .Cartoonist Anuraj shared his experiences with the audience and the students had the opportunity to express their genuine queries.

The open forum organized in the 2nd day was memorable with the presence of famous cartoonists like Nathan,Seeri,Thomas,Prashanth Kulkarni,Kaak,Uday Shankar, Chandar, Prof Shivaprasad, Thrayampak Sharma, Vinoj, Peter, Prasannan, Sajjive, M M Monayi, Sudheernath, Anoop Radakrishnan, Rathish, Surendran Varachal,

The Cartoonists made caricatures of the celebrities including cine artist Mukesh, Seema Nair and like others.The two day festival of animation film with the presence of animators and cartoonist was a rare experience for the animation film lovers as well as the aspiring students. All the participants had expressed their anxiety for Aniyug – 2010.

We express our gratitude to the E.M.S.Library, for providing their facilities for the success of the festival. This festival had attained great momentum in Kochi through the print and visual media.

However this Aniyug – 09 would not become a grand success for the sincere support and assistance provided by I & B Ministry and we express our sincere thanks to Shri.Pyaralal, Joint Secretary, I & B Ministry for his kind gesture to our earnest efforts for Aniyug – 2009.

Sasi Paravoor
Aniyug Director
Kerala Cartoon Academy

Aniyug 09 inauguration

Mammooty Stepping in to ANIYUG09
Mammotty at Stage

Mammooty inagurating the ANIYUG'09

Mammoty adressing the audience

Mammooty watching the animated films
Mammooty signing the Guest Book

A word with Sashi Paravoor famous film Director & Aniyug Director
Back to film set

Aniyug'09-Day One-5/02/2009

Sudheernath,Naushad and Sasi Paravoor

Cartoonist Nathan & Sajjive

Cartoonist Thomas stepping in

Registration on...

Cartoonist Anil Kumar....

Cartoonist Presannan,Naushad, Sasi Paravoor & Sudheernath in the final touch up.

Cartoonist Surendran and Prashoob at registration counter

Cartoonist Jayaraj Velloor

Cartoonist Chandar, Kaak and Thomas

Deputy Director I&B Shri Sajith and Sudheernath

M E Hussainar,M M Monayee and Sudheernath

Director Sasi Paravoor

Original Boban & Molly

Cartoonist Uday Shankar,Chandar and Kaak

Cartoonist Naushad

Deputy Director I&B Shri Sajith


K R Meera

Cartoonist Presanannan Anikkad

Chairman M M Monaye & Secretary Sudheernath

Prof K V Thomas MLA

Animator Radakrishnan From Increation.

Animator & Cartoonist Vinoj,Prof K V Thomas MLA, M M Monaye and Siber

Film Director Robin Thirumala

Actor Tini Tom

Actress Nisha Sarangh

Animater Siber

Aniyug Director Sasi Paravoor with Manorama Team...Biju Mathai,Anoop Radakrishnan......
Students Only....Govindankutty